Theater Club: FINAL WEEK of Rehearsals and Performance!

Monday, 2/25: Regular rehearsal schedule, pick up at 4:30 pm at door #16. If your child is an ACTOR for Wednesday ONLY and would like to attend the regular rehearsal on 2/25, it would be ENCOURAGED. A note MUST be sent into school on MONDAY morning indicating that your child will be attending rehearsals on 2/25. Please also email Kristin Coman at so the rehearsal list can be adjusted accordingly.

Tuesday, 2/26: Make-up rehearsal for Cast & Tech Crew due to early dismissal on 2/20. Pick up at door #16 (5th grade) & #17 (4th grade) Form for attendance:

Wednesday, 2/27 and Thursday, 2/28: ALL Cast and Crew MUST attend the FINAL REHEARSALS until 5:15pm. Pick up at door #16 (5th grade) & #17 (4th grade)

The Theater Club will be performing for staff and fellow students at school on Friday and the final production Friday night, 3/1.

More info here! UPDATED Information for our FINAL week of REHEARSALS and PEFORMANCE

Questions? Please contact Kristin Coman,