Theatre Club “Go West!” Program – Personal “Shout Out”


You can purchase space in “Go West!” program where you can send a message to your cast or crew member involved with the show in the form of a personal ad or “Shout Out”. A “Shout Out” is a short message sending words of encouragement or congratulations to someone involved in the production.

Your message can be directed to a single student, a group of students or the entire cast and crew. The cost of a “Shout Out” is $5 for two lines with a maximum of 30 characters on each line.  Multiple ads can be purchased and submitted on the form.

To purchase with cash or check: Complete this form and submit with payment to Allenwood PTG. Envelopes should be sealed and marked Theatre Club “Shout Out”. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: “Allenwood PTG”.

Whether your student is part of the cast or tech crew, members of the production like to see messages such as “Break a leg!”, “Wishing you a magical night!” or “You make a difference!” from their friends and family in the program. Create a family memory and wonderful keepsake!

The deadline to purchase and submit your “Shout Out” is Friday, February 21, 2020.

Questions?  Contact Kristin Coman,

Download the form here: Go West! Shout Out Form