Theatre Club-Go West!

Go West! Parts Announcement:

Congrats to all! Students are encouraged to highlight their parts and begin memorizing them.  Please see below for list.

Additional Script Changes:

Handout was stapled to the inside cover of each actor’s script.  Please amend script with the changes!

  • *Additional script changes:
    Students page 12
    Cowpoke 1’s 2nd line – Cowpoke 8
    Cowpoke 2’s 2nd line – Cowpoke 9
    Cowpoke 3’s 2nd is – Cowpoke 10
  • Student page 15
    Cowpoke 8- spoken solo 1
    Cowpoke 9- spoken solo 2
    Cowpoke 10- spoken solo 3
  • Student page 20
    After Townsperson 2 add:
    Townsperson 5: There’s no way I’m trusting that hunk of metal
  • Student page 22
    Townsperson 3’s 2nd line – Horse Owner
    Townsperson 3’s 3rd line – Townsperson 4
  • Student page 25
    Pioneer Woman 1- Horseowner
    Pioneer Man 1- James Marshall
    Miner 1- Announcer 2
  • Student page 26
    Native American- stays the same
    Trapper Woman- Townsperson 1
    Trapper Man- Peter Cooper
    Pioneer Woman 2- Mayor
    Pioneer Man 2- Captain
  • Student page 29
    Farmer – Native American
    Trapperman- Trapper Woman 2

Go West! Costume Needs:

Below is a very important document with information you need to know with regards to costumes for performances!

Volunteer Link:

Thanks for helping out our cast & crew!  Sign up here:

Carpool Form for Theatre Club:

Print, complete and return to Kristin Coman directly or to the PTG Theatre Club mailbox in the Main Office ASAP.

Rehearsal Info At A Glance:

12.10.19-Theatre Club: It’s Time to Be Part of the Cast & Crew!!

Calling all Captains, Cowpokes, Miners, Farmers, Pioneers and More! Allenwood Theatre Club (ATC) will be performing the musical celebration of America’s westward expansion, “Go West!” combining music, history and drama! Be part of our Allenwood Theatre Club cast and crew on their adventures to the Old West when people traveled by steamboat, wagons and trains to find gold, land and a prosperous life. Travelers learn no matter where they end up, their home will be a positive place full of family support!

Acting in the Theatre Club is open to ALL 4th and 5th graders, and the Tech crew is open to a limited number of 5th graders as well.
If you are planning to sign up for Theatre Club, be sure to read BOTH pages VERY carefully and review the dates and times for any conflicts prior to registering. Rehearsals will begin the week of January 6th, on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the month of January and February for our final performance on Friday, March 6th, right here on our Allenwood stage.

Please return the completed Registration Form and Activity Fee to the Main Office in an envelope marked “Theatre Club” by the sign up deadline of Thursday, January 2, 2020.
Questions? Please contact Kristin Coman (

Download and print our packet for this year’s performance, Go West! here: Theatre Club Registration Form 19-20 Go West


Attention all 4th and 5th grade Students and Parents/Guardians:

The PTG is proud to announce its’ Theatre Club production: “Go West!
There will be an after-school meeting for all interested students on Tuesday, December 10th from 3:20-4:10pm. Come learn about the show, the parts, the stage crew, the songs and more!
If you are interested, please complete the permission slip and return to the Main Office by Friday, December 6th.
Please contact Kristin Coman at with any questions.
Download Permission Slip here:Theatre Club Info Session Permission Slip 2019